Zubieta Psychology and Sexology Centre Zubieta Psychology and Sexology Centre

Professional centre specialized in psychological and sexological therapy. We offer personalised attention and therapy, tailoring the treatment according to the needs of each patient, providing our patients with concrete solutions related to their psychological and sexological health.

c/ Alcocéber 1, 9-B
46011 Valencia (Spain)
Tel. 96 371 2521

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Sex education

Kisses for everyone

A kiss is one of the greatest symbols of love. It is the main consort in sexual relations. When two people feel attracted, they often feel the impulse to melt into one by kissing each other. The place of kissing, thus, is crucial and it can be fundamental for a person to decide going beyond […]


Sexual Personality

Each person’s sexual life usually is a part of the most secret intimacy and it is difficult to guesswhat the erotic world of each one is like. However, each person expresses their temperament and personality in the different fields in which they participate. It could be expected that most people behave sexually as they do […]


Caring for our sexuality

It is evident that we live immersed in a culture of consumption that makes us into practical beings. Practical beings who must produce to satisfy the consumption needs derived from our society. Such a life style is having serious consequences with respect to sexuality. We, people, strive to get a better quality life, reach goals, […]


Rescued by a Blog

‘Abandoned‘ is the name of a book written by Anya Peters. Her story develops in London and it has all the necessary ingredients to become a film. Her life, as that of many other people, could have passed unnoticed very easily in our modern society. When Anya was a little girl, she was a victim […]