Zubieta Psychology and Sexology Centre Zubieta Psychology and Sexology Centre

Professional centre specialized in psychological and sexological therapy. We offer personalised attention and therapy, tailoring the treatment according to the needs of each patient, providing our patients with concrete solutions related to their psychological and sexological health.

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46011 Valencia (Spain)
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Love and sex

Sexual Intelligence

The question of sex and sexuality produce very diverse responses from different people in our culture. It is curious to see how the reactions to the same situation can be the opposite or even contradictory. Sometimes it is easier to respond with one of the very many platitudes there are related to issues strictly sexual. […]


Caring for our sexuality

It is evident that we live immersed in a culture of consumption that makes us into practical beings. Practical beings who must produce to satisfy the consumption needs derived from our society. Such a life style is having serious consequences with respect to sexuality. We, people, strive to get a better quality life, reach goals, […]


Uneven sexual drive between partners

In therapy often we are witnesses of the great concern many couples feel about their sexual drive. In fact, they tend to present us a number of questions geared to understand the effect of sexual desire in couples’ relationships. Sadly, a big number of people start a relationship without a clear idea about their own […]


While there is sex, is there hope?

In counselling we often find couples who are looking for a solution to their sexual life. When we deepen in the dynamic relationship of the couple, it is common to find different conflicts, some of them very serious. Facing this panorama, perhaps it would be expectable that the motive to look for therapy would be […]