Zubieta Psychology and Sexology Centre Zubieta Psychology and Sexology Centre

Professional centre specialized in psychological and sexological therapy. We offer personalised attention and therapy, tailoring the treatment according to the needs of each patient, providing our patients with concrete solutions related to their psychological and sexological health.

c/ Alcocéber 1, 9-B
46011 Valencia (Spain)
Tel. 96 371 2521

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The specialists in the Zubieta Psychology and Sexology Centre participate actively in the promotion of sexual health of men and women, both in couples or individually. Besides functioning as a clinic, the Centre is devoted to organizing courses, workshops and different activities focused on the promotion of sexual health and psychology to the individual and the couples.

The Centre specializes in the treatment of psychological and sexual problems, along with performing tasks for the promotion of sexual education, sexual health, and research into these issues.


Xud Zubieta, the director of the Centre, is a member of the Committee to Watch Sexual Rights from the WAS (World Association of Sexual Health), taking part in activities related to this work worldwide.

He participates in several projects on different levels and carries out research into subjects related to sexual health, psychological processes and human activity with entities like the University of Valencia.

He is a tutor in various postgraduate courses on sexual and health education of the Spanish Open University.