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Erectile disfunction

The erectile dysfunction refers to the difficulty or impossibility to get or maintain an erection sufficiently firm as to have sexual intercourse. Historically, it has been called “impotency”. However, that term, nowadays, is considered pejorative and it used to be an attempt to describe both, the physical difficulty and the deep feeling of frustration experienced by the person who suffers it.

In the present, the correct name is “erectile dysfunction” (ED). Fortunately, there are many therapies, as well as pharmacological and chirurgical resources to solve it. The pessimism with respect to this sexual disorder has been left behind, as there are clinical solutions for it.

There is an estimation of ED affecting more than two million of Spaniards. From the onset of the economic crisis, this type of problem has become more frequent.

Erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation are the most common sexual complaints among men. Besides, ED has been studied widely on a scientifical level. Very often, it is quite simple to resolve than it may seem. An expert is this issues will be able to give you the right guidance to overcome it.

It is important to remember that a man is not a machine and that any male may have difficult erections at times. If this is sporadic it should not be a source of concern.

For the cases that may require treatment, the length of this kind of therapy vary a lot, depending on factors such as age, the time having this problem, the capacity for self-suggestion, and the therapist’s ability to help the patient, to give some examples. There are cases that are resolved in a few sessions and others that may take some months of sexological therapy.

Sometimes, treatment for erectile dysfunction implies dealing simultaneously with symptoms of anxiety, depression and any other psychological conflict on the basis of or associated to it.

The main causes of erectile dysfunction can be: conflicts in the relationship, self-image problems, low self-esteem, stress; problems in the social environment or that of work; a very restrictive upbringing with respect to sex; irrational sexual beliefs; sexual abuse in childhood or adolescence; exaggerated fear to pregnancy and to sexually transmitted infections; other disorders or phobias; sexual identity problems; anticipating anxiety related to sexual performance and the so called “spectator attitude”; depression, anxiety…

We know that suffering ED causes a great impact on the male and can affect his capacity to establish or sustain relationships. However, for a great number of cases, the prognosis is very positive. It may also cause some damage in the relationship. That is why it is highly advisable to look for adequate help and to get the support of the his or her partner.

There are pharmaceutical products that help palliate the problem, but we cannot say that they cure it. In any case, as it is the case with other sexual dysfunctions, if the pharmacological products are used, make sure to also find sexological therapy. Then, the solution is only a matter of time.