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Retarded Ejaculation

This sexual disorder is suffered by a minority. It is the antithesis of premature ejaculation. Retarded ejaculation refers to the extreme difficulty to ejaculate despite sexual stimulation. This can take place in different degrees. Suffering is slower than in the case of males with premature ejaculation, but it can be experienced very intensely. This, obviously, aggravates this problem more and more. In fact, it can derive in depressive symptoms which, caught in time, can be easily resolved.

For many men facing this problem, the suffering has to do with how much effort they need to ejaculate and multiply their doubts about whether they will get it next time. For other men, what happens is that they cannot ejaculate during sexual intercourse. They can even ejaculate by themselves, but not in the presence of their partner.

In more severe cases, the man has never ejaculated except in dreams. It can also manifest itself among gay males and it may include the impossibility to ejaculate with his partner, regardless of the sexual interaction.

The distinction between organic and psychological causes of retarded ejaculation is very important. If the delay is situational, that is, if it does not happen always and if it is fine during masturbation, medical causes can be discarded. It means it obeys to psychological reasons.

Among the organic causes we have the following:

–      Side effects of some pharmaceutical products that can become out of the treatment for the inverse problem (premature ejaculation).

–      Neurological lesions: medulla lesions (tumors, traumatisms, multiple sclerosis…), interventions such as sympathectomy, neuropathies as a consequence of alcoholism, diabetes, uremia, etc.  

For the psychological causes, often the ejaculatory delay usually is primary. That is, the most frequent profile is that of a young man with obsessive personality traits, that have experienced the delay or impossibility to ejaculate forever and in any situation.

Among the psychological reasons that produce retarded ejaculation we find behavioural mechanisms such as an obsessive self-consciousness or the exaggerated attention to his sexual partner; factors related to the ambivalence with his partner and, perhaps, with women in general. Or there can be deeper psychological causes, such as fear to intimacy, fear to make commitments, or conflict with his sexual orientation (difficulty accepting his homosexuality).

Recent studies have shown that a very common trait among men who suffer from retarded ejaculation is a certain emotional blockage.

Curiously enough, treatment for this dysfunction is complicated, among some reasons, by the patient’s difficulties to make a commitment to adhere to therapy to the end. However, therapeutic work is usually very interesting and enriching both for the patient and the therapist. Results can easily compensate the efforts involved in resolving it.

The length of the treatment will depend on the severity of the problem. When the orgasmic inhibition is not severe, treatment is more or less simple. However, these types of patients often decide to ask for help when the problem has become serious.