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Retrograde Ejaculation

This happens when the orgasm does not produce an expulsion of semen to the exterior because of the ejaculated reflux goes to the bladder. The extirpation of the prostate is the most frequent cause of this. The fact of not expulsing semen to the exterior should not be a concern. However, the male has to learn to live with it. For that, he needs some information and sexological therapy to adapt to it. Otherwise, the tendency is to worry and get scared, or even start doubting about important aspects of his sexuality and identity…

Not ejaculating as the person used to do it does not mean impotency. There is not a reason why this should affect erections at all.

In fact, ejaculation still takes place, but a microscopic test can prove that urine of the man also has some sperm. The man reaches orgasm and ejaculates, but his sperm does not go out, it refluxes and ends up in his own bladder.