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Professional centre specialized in psychological and sexological therapy. We offer personalised attention and therapy, tailoring the treatment according to the needs of each patient, providing our patients with concrete solutions related to their psychological and sexological health.

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Couples’ counselling

Sentimental relationships are valued highly in our culture. It is of greatest importance for so many people to have someone special and to be special for someone.

Couple’s relationships are a source of joy, content, satisfaction… but often they can be very complex. Sometimes they are even complicated. The criteria to choose the person we wish to be our companion in life are surprising. In any case, divorce rates are continuously on the high, as well as breakages and crisis. However, a lot of the time, they could be handled adequately –if we know how− and help strengthen the relationship.

To have access with the perspective and professional help of a therapist can be very useful when problems get to block one of the members of the couple. The perspective and the experience of a professional is just what can make a difference when trying to handle problems adequately!

If your relationship is going through a difficult patch, if there are aspects of your relationship that find difficult to understand or to accept, couple’s therapy can be very helpful. If you are not sexually satisfied, visiting a sexologist can help you to make it better.

Generally, in therapy the “weak spots” of the relationship are detected and each person is provided with the necessary tools and skills to balance them up and overcome them.

The motives why couples visit us are very varied. The list below is of the most habitual ones, but they are only some examples:

  • Conflicts derived by infidelity
  • Loss of trust in the other partner
  • Sexual insatisfaction
  • Marriage difficulties
  • Mediation in cases of separation and divorce
  • Assistance in problems derived from some sexual dysfunction
  • Tension produced by different relationship styles
  • Influence of the family of origin in the relationship
  • Balance in the dynamic of the relationship
  • Battles of power
  • Depression or illness within the family
  • Paraphilias
  • Problems derived by parenthood
  • Optimization of pleasure and sexual activity
  • Affective and sexual skills training

The length of the therapeutic process will vary from couple to couple and it depends specially on the good work of both partners as patients. Generally, in each session guidelines are given to the patients and if they follow them, the pace of the process will be more dynamic and the aims will be reached sooner. Sessions are usually combined with both partners and sometimes only one of them is required. The therapist will give clear instructions on the matter.