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Professional centre specialized in psychological and sexological therapy. We offer personalised attention and therapy, tailoring the treatment according to the needs of each patient, providing our patients with concrete solutions related to their psychological and sexological health.

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Male and Female Sexual Problems

Sex Addiction

Colloquially, when people talk about the problem of sex addiction often they refer to behaviours that would be considered crimes, such as rape and sexual abuse. However, in fact, sex addiction, generally, includes activities that are legal and perhaps not even a part of a disorder, but that cause trouble to who experiences it. Sex […]



Dyspareunia is the pain experienced by men or women in the pelvic area during or shortly after sexual intercourse. The pain can come about during penetration, or once the penis gets an erection, or at ejaculation. When the pain is persistent, the person loses interest in sexual activity. It is important to point out that […]


Sexual Aversion

It is an extreme form of sexual dysfunction and it consists in the intense, persistent and recurrent rejection to all sexual contact. It implies the avoidance of any sort of intimate contact with their partner. This may go beyond the genital contact, there can even be a rejection to caressing, as the person interprets it […]


Lack or loss of sexual desire

The lack of sexual desire or the loss of it is also termed “inhibited sexual desire”. It is among the most frequent reasons to visit a sexologist. That is why, it is a problem that has been studied a lot in recent years. According to the latest data, this problems is found more in women […]